The Dunedin Yoga Studio regular class timetable

Effective from 18th Feb 2013

Effective from 26th Jan 2015

4 Styles of Yoga Bliss!

1) Traditional Hatha Yoga15_webThe Bliss Class
Relax. Unwind body and mind and ease into this blissful restorative practice. Breath-focussed gentle movements and slow pace leave you in a state of deep rest, balance and expansiveness.  Working within a normal range of movement,  heart rate and breath rate, this class is suitable for every body.

2) Yoga FoundationsFocussed and transformative
This is an ideal core class for building stability, body awareness and strength. With structured sequences and safe alignment Yoga Foundations teaches the body a new way of being – tall, light, strong, and energised. All levels are welcome.

3) Vinyasa Flow - Dynamic and Energising
Power is balanced with grace in this hot and flowing class that emphasises ‘the dance of the posture’. Vinyasa Flow takes the classical Astanga Vinyasa into a delicious and playful heating, strengthening and energising practice. An exhilarating ride for the able beginner and experienced practitioner alike.

4) AshtangaChallenging
Known around the globe as a hot, fast and physical sequence, Astanga builds power, flexibility and stamina. The sequence is the same each session down to the littlest details and postures are linked together by the breath to create a dynamic physical practice with focussed internal awareness.

+) Macandrew Bay yoga classes

Twice a week we hold a community class at the local school. Somewhere between “Yoga Foundations” and “Vinyasa Flow”, we are open to beginners joining in to get strength, length, space and grace. These are still a few dollars cheaper than the town classes and have a lovely communal feel. Tuesdays 7-8:30pm.

Don’t know which class to try? Ask our awesome teachers!

All our teachers are skilled in adjusting postures for different ability levels.
In general from option 1 – option 4, the intensity increases. If you’ve been through one of our BEGINNER’S COURSES, you will have the tools to do the first 3 options, if not all!

Our modalities are designed to fit together – they all work the elements of yoga. We encourage all students to do more than one modality in their regular practice to benefit from different approaches.


28 thoughts on “Timetable:

  1. Hi
    I am looking for a yoga class for my kids age 10 and 11.
    Can you help please.

    • Hello Ian, I don’t know of any children-specific classes in Dunedin, (although we have had kids in from time to time and are always pleased with their focus!) If an adult accompanies them, they can come to our classes at half price. They would do well in a “Yoga Foundations” or “Vinyasa Flow” class. Feel free to call for more of a chat on the matter! Namaste, Rhys

  2. Was looking for class/instruction for teenagers – some of whom have experienced yoga previously. Ever done a class on-site @ local school, and if so what minimums would be required to do so?

    • Kia ora Dawn,
      We’ve taught teenagers on site in theatre, dance and circus with yoga elements in the class before. We would have to plan particularly to take a straight yoga class at your school. I’ll email you directly to discuss your objectives and our fees.
      Namaste, Rhys

    • Dear Ariana, beginners are welcome in all classes but the right beginning for you really depends on your level of fitness, age and any injuries or medical issues. For this reason we have a 5-week beginners course that starts from the start and progresses through fundamental elements of yoga in a step by step way. The next beginners course starts on the 2nd of March – please see our beginners page to enrol. If you’d like to step into yoga before then, a gentle class to start with would be the Thursday Traditional Hatha Yoga class; and a firmer, strengthening and lengthening class would be one of the “Yoga Foundations” classes. I look forward to meeting you!
      Namaste, Rhys

  3. Hi, I am interested in the thursday classes of Hatha yoga. Shall I book before coming or I can just drop in?

  4. Hi, I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. Have you got any prenatal classes starting soon? If not, which of the classes would be the most suitable on the current timetable? Julie

    • Dear Julie, Congratulations! Have you done much yoga before? We don’t have any prenatal classes starting in the immediate future. If you want some deeply breath centred yoga, the class you at this time is Traditional Hatha Yoga (Tues morn, Thurs evening).

  5. Hi Rhys & Jessica
    I love your classes, but evening classes can be a bit tricky to get to with family commitments.
    Are you looking at having more classes available on Saturdays or Sundays?

  6. Hi there, I have was wondering if I could come to the Yoga Foundations class on Saturday? I have done yoga in the past and I exercise actively four times a week. Or is it important for me to do the beginners course first? Thanks :)
    Maxine :)

    • Dear Maxine,
      I believe you would be fine to come in a try the Yoga Foundations on Saturdays. There is good strength, flexibility and balance work in these classes. I aim the class at all levels so that there are challenges for those who seek it but adjustments and options to take rests when people need to. The practice really works the whole body/mind – breath focus being the key. You are most welcome.
      Namaste, Rhys

  7. Kia Ora. I was wondering what class would you recommend for me, as I am just regaining my strength after having my 4th child. I have consistently practiced yoga both before and during my pregnancy so I am not a beginner. Thank you. Kind regards Maire

    • Kia ora Maire,
      If there are no complications, I would recommend the Yoga Foundations class for gaining strength and stability. I would invite you to take it easy on your first few sessions and get the hang of the class.
      Namaste, Rhys

  8. Hi there
    I currently live in Christchurch but I travel to Dunedin on business every 8 weeks and I’m looking to take up classes when I’m in town. I see you take casuals but do you take casuals for beginner classes? I currently do classes in Wellington but I’m looking to do a class in every city.
    Also could you please send me a timetable once updated end of jan?
    If I cant do beginner what other class would you recommend? I also do Pilates if that helps?
    Thanks for your time :)

    • Dear Jess,
      The Beginners Course needs to be booked for as a whole course – so no casuals sorry. However, if you are doing classes in every city I recommend you come to our Yoga Foundations class. It is great for physical fitness/strength/flexibility/balance and centred, calm mind.
      Namaste, Rhys.

  9. Hi there, I have never done yoga before however very interested to start up. I will be away in june so I can’t do the beginners course, however will the foundation yoga be to hard to start off with?
    Thanks, Lauren

    • Dear Lauren,
      Many people just dive straight into Yoga Foundations, which can be fine. I’ll email you a few questions regarding your health, age and objectives and we can start you in a class.
      Namaste, Rhys

  10. Hi,
    Do you offer yoga teacher training. Does anyone in Dunedin.
    If not, could I practice Astanga with you guys and get certified elsewhere?

    • Kia ora Pankaj, There is no formalised teacher training in Dunedin at the moment. We have run seminars for our group of teachers from time to time, but mainly encourage enthusiastic students to do a full-time course with a master such as our teacher Nicky Knoff in Cairns, Australia.
      You are most welcome to come to our classes. All of our class modalities are complimentary so that they assist different aspects of one’s practice. So for people keen on the Astanga sequence, Yoga Foundations is good for teaching form and alignment, Vinyasa Flow is good for exploring alternative flows while keeping the ujjayi focus, Hatha emphasises release and surrender, with passive postures and the ‘yin’ aspects of yoga – important if your regular practice is very ‘yang’.
      Namaste, Rhys Latton

  11. Hi I am Millie and I am really interested to do yoga I am a dancer at rasa school of dance and I was wondering do you do classes for 11 year olds I would be very interested to do yoga to keep my flexiblity up , try new things , and feel nice and relaxed I am really interested thankyou

    • Dear Millie, We’re happy to have 11-year-olds in our classes if they’re really keen and focussed. You may like to try the Yoga Foundations classes classes to start with – see the timetable for details.
      Namaste, Rhys Latton

  12. Hi there,
    I was wondering for a one years subscription can I pay in instalments or does it need to be up front before I start?

  13. Hi there, just wondering if you can do the vinyasa flow classes if you are pregnant? Or if you have any specific pregnancy classes available?
    Thank you :)

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