BOOK NOW: for our next Beginners’ Yoga Course for 2018 starting on the 29th of September. 

warrior 1 class_smPowerful foundations for a transformational practice.  New to yoga?  Familiar, but need a refresher?  “Return beginners” are always welcome!

This course runs twice weekly over 3 weeks (Saturdays and Tuesday evenings) in order to bring a substantial and noticeable transformation. 29th of September – 16th of October 2018. Beginners’ Yoga Courses fill up fast – usually weeks before commencing – so book early.

We cover the essentials of a safe and effective yoga practice and introduce you to the key elements – yoga postures, breathing, meditation and deep relaxation.
Students who complete one of our beginners’ courses can feel confident to participate in the majority of Dunedin Yoga Studio’s regular classes.

*NB: Beginners’ Course graduates are also eligible to get our “first timers” deal at the end of the course: $39 for 3 weeks of unlimited classes to work on what you’ve learned!

Sept/Oct 2018 course:

Dates: 29th of September – 16th of October 2018
Saturdays 4:00 – 5:30pm, Tuesdays 6:45 – 8:00pm
Cost: $85 (includes 1 complimentary regular class)

Bookings essential:


51 thoughts on “Beginners

  1. Hi there, I have been doing yoga sporadically on my own for the past year or so, I would say I’m slightly above a beginner, do you think the Traditional Hatha Yoga class would be suitable? How advanced is it? I was keen to do the beginners classes first but unfortunately my partner is whisking me away for the weekend of the 27th, so I would miss the first class 😦

    • Dear Nads,
      Firstly, if you missed the first beginner’s class you would still be fine to do the rest of the course. If you forewarn us of this sort of situation before the course begins we would get you a handout from the first class and make sure you had another make-up class for no extra cost. Secondly, the Traditional Hatha Yoga class is appropriate for Any Body. It is very breath-centred and leaves one feeling serene! Feel free to ask us any other quesitons. Namaste, Rhys

  2. Hello, I would like to do your beginners course but my schedule means that I can only come to the Tuesday classes, and not the Saturday ones. Is there any way we can work around this? I don’t want to miss half of the classes!

    • Dear Lizzie,
      Thanks for your query. Letting me know before the course starts I can offer you replacement complementary sessions from our regular timetable. Best to use these within the week you missed so that you are still experiencing 2 sessions per week over the 3-week period. You would also get handouts for the classes you missed. Please let me know if you would like to book and I’ll email you further course and payment details.
      Namaste, Rhys

  3. I am intersted in taking the beginners course but only have 50% range of movement in my right arm elbow joint. How would that work in with the yoga positions?

    • Dear Nicki,
      I’ll email you directly on this matter. It might be best to meet and get a better understanding of what is possible for you and what is too tricky.
      Namaste, Rhys

    • Dear Liz,
      Rhys here – thanks for your query. Yoga can be great for RA but it depends on the degree of your symptoms and other factors which class environment would suit. I’ll email you directly as more info will help us find a good approach.
      Namaste, Rhys

  4. hi! i will be keen to book in for the class starting november =) can you email me details? thanks!

    • Dear Pip,
      I’ve sent course and payment details of our beginners course to your email. It starts this weekend and we are almost full so if you’re keen I suggest you book as soon as poss.

  5. Hi, I’m enquiring about starting the yoga beginners course, if you have any vacancies.
    Regards Dave

    • Dear Dave, yes we still have spaces available for the beginner’s course starting on the 14 of Feb. I’ve sent you an email with booking details.
      Namaste, Rhys

  6. Hi,
    I am just wondering When the next beginners course with available spots begins? I very keen to get started although not sure how I would go getting to a Tuesday evening class as its around bedtime for my 6 month old. Would it be possible to complete through only Saturday classes or is there something else you can recommend?

    • Dear Emmy, the current beginner’s course is fully booked (our courses fill up fast), and I’ve just posted the new dates for the March course. It’s best to get to both classes to get the most learning and benefits. Otherwise you’re welcome to drop-in to regular class and have a go! Namaste, Rhys

  7. Dear Fiona,
    The next 2015 beginner’s course runs from the 9th – 26th of May. To book, please email me for an enrolment form and payment details. Namaste, Rhys

  8. Hi there
    I have arthritis and lack flexibility but my daughter thinks learning yoga would be good for me. Would I cope with a beginners class? Thanks Robyn

  9. My 11 year old daughter & I would like to join the beginners class on 11 July, please inform me if there’s space left & the cost. Thanks.

    • Dear Reena, I’ve emailed you directly regarding our July beginner’s course. If you’re keen I would advise booking now as it’s almost fully booked! Otherwise we will have another course in August. Namaste, Rhys

  10. Hi there, I am interested in starting yoga but can not make it to the beginners course. Would I be fine going along to the normal classes?

    • Dear Mallory, Many people start straight into our classes – I’ve emailed you directly to ask more details about you in order to recommend wher to begin! Namaste, Rhys

  11. Hi, I’m wanting to do a beginners course in yoga. I have had numerous knee injuries and a surgeries and have to have another surgery in just over a month but I’m wanting to do some yoga to strengthen and relax my muscles before it and to help with recovery and then after surgery i will hopefully return to yoga. Can you advise me on what class i should take or whether i should wait till after my surgery to start. Thanks i look forward to hearing from you

    • Dear Sian, It’s difficult to advise without seeing you in the room and seeing what you’re capable of. I would suggest the Bliss class might be a good option – come to a Thursday night 7:15pm class if it suits. Email or call if you have any other thoughts or queries! Namaste, Rhys

  12. Kiaora, I would love to do the course however I wont be able to make it to the tuesday classes, at least the first 2 and possibly more. I am a beginner and would like to understand yoga theory as well as practicing. Do you have any suggestions?



    • Dear Ngareta, Yes there is a way to make the most out of the Beginner’s Course in theis case. I’ve emailed you directly further on this – please let me know if you got the message. Namaste, Rhys

  13. Hi, I’m wondering if you have any spaces left for the current course or when the next one would be?

    • Dear Tracy,
      As the current course has already begun it would be best to book for the June course. This runs from the 25th of June – 12th of July. Namaste, Rhys Latton

  14. Kia ora Rachel, Yes – our final beginners’ course for the year will run from the 26th Nov – 13th Dec. Please email us directly for booking instructions. Namaste, Rhys

    • Dear Jo, our teacher Nicky Knoff was a senior Iyengar teacher but moved away from this style as she saw some wisdom in taking the best aspects of a number of styles and bringing them together. So our classes are a mix and the beginners’ course teaches alignment rigour as well as breath awareness and focus from the ground up! Is there a particular reason you’re looking for Iyengar yoga? Namaste, Rhys

  15. Hi there. I have never done a Yoga class and am interested in a Begginners Course. Do you still have places avail for your Jan 14 intake? If you do can you send me details. Nga mihi.

    • Kia ora Miriama, Yes – there are still a few spaces. I’ve sent you booking details for this course. Let me know if you have any other questions. Namaste, Rhys

  16. Kia ora Malissa, I’ve emailed you back directly with booking details. Please let me know if it doesn’t come through. Namaste, Rhys Latton

  17. Hi there
    Myself and my 15 year old daughter are interested in trying out yoga, have never had a go before, so we’re complete beginners,, could you please contact me and let me know if you have suitable classes or courses 🙂

    • Dear Lisa, The best first option for you both would be our Beginners’ Yoga Course starting on the 1st of July. I’ll email you the details. Namaste, Rhys Latton

  18. I am interested in doing your beginners course starting May 12th. My sister maybe interested also.
    Please can you send me details.


  19. Hi there,

    I’m interested in doing this course but I work until 5pm every Saturday so I wouldn’t be able to attend half the classes. Is it still possible for me to attend the course? And if so do you still have spaces for the course starting on 21st July?I

  20. Hi, my wife and I would like to join the beginners class starting in July, I am not able to make the Saturday class, what is the best way to do this.
    Thanks ian

  21. Hi I am interested in finding out more information about your next course. I am away on holiday and back mid September. Is there a new class starting then?

    • Kia ora Lana, yes the next Beginners’ Yoga Course runs the 29th of September – 16th of October. Please email us if you’d like to book and I’ll send you the payment details. Namaste, Rhys

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