Yoga Workshop with James Bryan 11, 12 November 2017


JamesFacePractitioners of all levels and traditions are invited to attend these fun and educational master classes with a modern Western teacher who bridges correct anatomical alignment (injury free) with the energetic principles of Bandha, Drishti, UjjayiPranayama and Vinyasa.

These master classes will use the Knoff Yoga Foundation Asana syllabus with an emphasis on the 24 Principles of Practice, which are universal in application and profound in effect.


10 am-12:30 pm › Earth & Sun Salutations, Inverted Poses, Pranayama

1:30-4 pm › Standing Poses, Forward Bends, Sitting Poses, Pranayama


10 am-12:30 pm › Arm Balancings, Abdominals, Pranayama

1:30-4 pm › Twists, Back Bends, Pranayama

All master class participants receive (via email) extensive notes including:

  • Knoff Yoga Overview
  • Student Creed
  • 5 Pillars of Practice
  • 24 Principles of Practice
  • Principles of Sequencing
  • Foundation Asana syllabus

Cost  Early Bird: $250 – before 30 Oct 2017 ($275 – pay AFTER 30 Oct)

>One day attendance (2 master classes): $155


Dates 11 – 12 Nov 2017

Times 10am – 12:30pm; 1:30 – 4pm both days

Venue University of Otago Dance Studio, 665 Cumberland Street

Bookings essential – please email or phone 03 4771180

03James Bryan was born in the City of Angels (USA) and migrated to NZ in 1969. Sitting on his back-side in a life crushing office job led to running marathons in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The stretching in long-distance training piqued an interest in yoga. After studying with B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune, India (1986) and gaining certification, James studied with K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India (1989) and learned the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Out of these experiences and in partnership with Nicky Knoff, the Knoff Yoga System was birthed into existence.


The Healing Power of Sound with Menaka Desikachar

Kausthub Desikachar Photography

We are truly honoured and blessed to be hosting Menaka Desikachar, wife of the late master TKV Desikachar, son of Krishnamacharya in Dunedin. A Vedic chanting teacher in her own right she will be leading an introduction to Vedic Chanting at the Dunedin Yoga Studio.

Cost $ 225

Dates 07 – 08 Oct 2017

Times 9am-12:15; 2pm-5:15pm both days

Venue Dunedin Yoga Studio, 492 Moray Place, Dunedin

To Book Please email

Places are limited. Thanks to Ruth Diggins, Kausthub Desikachar and the lineage of Krishnamacharya, Chennai.

Among the many tools that are available in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, the use of sound when chanting in Sanskrit holds a special place for the yogin-s of the past and the present. Sanskrit is an ancient phonetic language which utilises the power of sound vibrations. Vedic chants in Sanskrit are said to have been received by sages when they were in deep meditation. These chants have been handed down through an oral tradition for thousands of years.

This seminar will provide opportunities to learn some Vedic Healing chants. No prior experience is necessary and is open to all. The rules of chanting and pronunciation will be introduced during the seminar under the guidance of a very experienced teacher, Menaka Desikachar. We will honour the tradition of ancient teachers using the process of adhyayanam – listening to the teacher and then repeating the chant. We will also do a yoga practice each day that combines the use of chant with simple asana and breathing.
For the full brochure kindly click here.

Menaka Desikachar will also be available for private Yoga Therapy consultations during her visit. Through these sessions, consistent with the traditional teaching of Yoga, you can benefit by receiving an individidualized and holistic daliy practice, that will be suitable for your health and wellness needs. Alternatively you could also book her for a private chanting class. Cost of consultation will be $120. In order to know the time slots available and to pre-register for these, kindly contact The Dunedin Yoga Studio. Since only a limited number of places are available, it is advisable to pre-register for these. Each private may last between 30-45 minutes depending on the need.

Menaka Desikachar may be assisted by some of the senior teachers in this tradition during the seminars and also in some of the private sessions. These teachers include Sacha Kronfeld, Ruth Diggins and Evelyn Einhaeuser.

Prices to change on the 27th of March 2017

At the end of the month we will change our prices to a current New Zealand standard for good yoga teaching and that honours the practice of yoga. For our general prices this is a rise, however, as we do so we will be giving prospective first-timer students a golden opportunity to try our classes for a very special price of $39 for 3 weeks of classes and giving our regular students the opportunity to take a 12-month membership with a $23 per week A/P going out instead of by monthly passes. If your yoga practice fits this scenario, you could end up paying less per month than previously! More importantly, by committing to a year membership you will be placing more import on your dedicated yoga practice and your yoga studio.

If you want to get a super deal before our prices change on the 27th, buy your year pass for just $990 or pay for a month or 10-class concession before then.


Studio prices to change 27 March 2017:



Weekly A/P    $23 per week – 12-month contract (with possibility of 2 breaks for longer than 2 weeks over the period).

Month pass     $125

Year pass        $1080  


Multi-class concessions:

Class length:     90 minute       50-60 minute

10 –classes     $149                $120

Casual class    $18                  $15

Mat Hire: Free

First timer deal:  $39 for 3 weeks unlimited classes 



Rhys, Jessica, Kathryn, Raphael, Göknil

The 2017 Full Timetable

From the 30th of January 2017 all of our yoga classes restart as well as a new Yoga Foundations class on Sunday mornings!

• Please note that evening classes now begin at 7:10pm instead of 7:15pm and will be a fraction shorter, finishing at 8:30pm

• Bliss classes at 10-11am and 7:10-8:10pm on Thursdays restart, as well as Vinyasa Flow on Fridays 5:30-7pm.


January Timetable:

The Dunedin Yoga Studio is closed from 22nd Dec 2016 – 8th January 2017. From the 9th – 29th of January this will be the timetable:


Summer timetable valid from 9-29 January 2017

11,12,13 Nov 2016: Yoga Master Classes with Nicky Knoff

Nicky Knoff is a 4th Series Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practitioner; Certified Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher; Certified College of India teacher with Bikram Choudhury; long-term vipassana meditator; WWII concentration camp survivor; and founder of six yoga schools in Australia, New Zealand and USA… AND a nice, kind, funny, passionate and rigorous master teacher.

37Nicky’s teaching emphasis is on showing students how to look, listen and feel by honouring their ‘inner wisdom’. Her teaching represents a bridge between Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: intelligent, anatomical alignment combined with linking internal energetic principles.
Practitioners of all levels and traditions are invited to attend this rare opportunity to study with one of the worlds’ foremost teachers of yoga. These master classes will use Nicky’s Discovery and Foundation syllabus, with an emphasis on the Knoff Yoga fundamental Principles of Practice, which are universal in application and profound in their effect.
No prior yoga experience required.

Bookings are essential for this rare Yoga Master Class opportunity.Contact Rhys Latton | (03) 4771180 | 021 879 007 |

Venue: Otago University Dance Studiope-school-map

Masterclass Programme:

FRI, 11 NOVEMBER – koha class
7:15-8:45pm › The 5 Pillars of Practice
By koha / donation – Bookings essential through

11 am-1:30 pm › Earth & Sun Salutations, Inverted Poses, Pranayama
2:30-5 pm › Standing Poses, Forward Bends, Sitting Poses, Pranayama

10 am-12:30 pm › Arm Balancings, Abdominals, Pranayama
1:30-4 pm › Twists, Back Bends, Pranayama

All paying students will receive extensive notes including:
• 5 Pillars of Practice
• 24 Principles of Practice • Knoff Yoga Overview
• Asana & Pranayama Syllabus (Discovery & Foundation)

• Friday night: by koha / donation
• All 4 Master Classes on Sat & Sun:

Early Bird: $250 › pay BEFORE 30 Sept 2016
General: $275 › pay AFTER 30 Sept 2016
• One day attendance (2 master classes): $155
Book now:  (03)4771180 or email

YOGA PHILOSOPHY – The Sutras of Patanjali. 7,8 May 2016

We are priviledged to have two beautiful, experienced teachers coming to teach an introduction to the Sutras of Patanjali. Any true yoga class should have these philosophies behind and through the teachings of asana, breathing etc. Through Ruth and Lynda come and peal back the layers and learn in the lineage of the father of modern yoga T Krishnamacharya.




Saturday, May 7, 12:00 – 3:30pm

Sunday, May 8, 9:30am – 12:30pm.

Investment: $50 per class, or $90 for both.

Bookings essential: