Rhys Latton – Co-owner
Rhys Latton

Rhys Latton

Rhys is an experienced and compassionate yoga teacher, having taught for 15 years. Rhys helps our students to find correct alignment so that they can work with confidence and safety to the working edge of their practice.

Equally important is the focus on breath awareness, yoking attention in the NOW. How much more energy would you have if you breathed 10% more effectively?

Both Jessica and I have trained under master teacher Nicky Knoff (direct student of well-known gurus BKS Iyengar and Sri K Pattabhi Jois).  We continue our learning through a number of teachers and systems. With my background in physical theatre, dance and martial arts, I like to teach a class that balances physical fitness, internal focus and personal growth.

Jessica Paipeta Latton – Co-owner
Jessica Latton

Jessica Latton

Jessica has practiced yoga for over 20 years.

Starting her yoga practice in the early ‘90s while at dance school, Jessica was immediately captured by the intense body/mind discipline of yoga and the deep peace it brings. She is currently continuing her studies with a 3-year diploma in classical yoga in the lineage of Krishnamacharya.

“Yoga teaches us how to be in the world. The physical postures are a mirror in which our consciousness is reflected back to us.  It gives us the strength and ease to be vitally present and alive in this moment – whatever it may bring.”


Kathryn Nevell – Yoga Teacher
Kathryn Nevell

Kathryn Nevell

Kathryn began teaching yoga in 2012 after being mentored by her teacher.

Her light approach makes yoga highly accessible. She emphasises the importance of stress-reduction to improve all aspects of health, and encourages people to befriend their bodies, and worry less.

“This is the body you have. Why waste energy seeing it in a negative light as something that must be whipped into shape? As soon as you accept yourself, everything falls into place, and yoga is the ideal method to get into that headspace.”


Göknil Biner – Yoga Teacher

goeknilI was born and raised in Germany a couple of years after my parents had emigrated from Turkey and I had intended to give Yoga a try for probably a couple of decades, but never really “got around to it”. After studies in classical singing, marrying my kiwi husband, moving to NZ and having our two gorgeous kids, my Yoga journey started in 2014 at the Dunedin Yoga Studio, where I took a beginners class with Jessica. I was hooked immediately and quickly noticed an overall improvement in quality of life with a clearer and smoother approach to everyday challenges on many levels.

Yoga has become an essential part of my life.
After experimenting with different styles and attending various workshops, which left me hungry for more in-depth knowledge, I decided to take the Foundation teacher training course with Nicky Knoff.
As a performer and singing teacher, also having encountered the Feldenkrais method during my musical training, I have always been fascinated by the union of physical and breath work. Through teacher training, this has developed into an appreciation of the other limbs of Yoga such as meditation and philosophy. With the clarity, attention to detail and alignment of the Knoff system, Yoga becomes approachable for every body.

6 thoughts on “Teachers

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  2. Hi There
    I have never done Yoga before but because of the nature of my job, I need an activity that moves me around – and gyms don’t work for me! Are there regular classes that I can try out starting this week? Do I need to bring or wear anything specific? Thanks!

    • Dear Sarah,
      Rhys Latton here, thanks for your query. Yoga gets the prana (life-force) moving! Heat, blood, lymph breath… all whilst stilling and focussing the mind (instead of roaring off into fight/flight syndrome that our usual gym exercise classes encourage).
      I would recommend coming to our Yoga Foundations classes first of all – a good combination of strengthwork, flexibility and balance. Always keeping the mind focussed in the present and keen awareness of breath.
      A good midday option for you would also be the “Vinyasa Express” class from 12:10-1pm, Mon-Thurs. These really get the juices moving! Your afternoon will be quite different.
      If you come to 3 classes and feel that the yoga hasn’t been active enough we will adjust things for you!
      Warm regards and Namaste,
      Rhys Latton

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Just wear comfortable clothes that are good for moving in. We use yoga mats for our classes – these can be hired or purchased here, most people bring their own. First class a mat is provided free.

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